Duschenne Muscular Dystrophy: 1 of 9 types of MD characterized by muscle weakness and degeneration, which eventually results in not being able to walk; DMD typically attacks boys.

daily challenges

•As Peyton’s leg muscles continued to deteriorate, he could no longer walk upstairs to his bedroom.

•His bathroom was too small for his wheelchair

•Bathroom vanity did not allow him to wash his hands or brush his teeth when he was in his wheelchair

•Mom could no longer lift him to transport him to bedroom & bathroom

design solutions

•Relocated Peyton’s bedroom to the main level; we converted the family’s den into his bedroom

•Created a larger, handicap accessible bathroom with direct access from the bedroom

•Installed a ceiling track lift system that carries him from the bedroom to the bathroom, it has eliminated the physical burden of lifting



•Independence. Peyton can now wash his own hands, brush his own teeth and bathe himself

•Barrier Free Access. He has the ability to move freely about in his wheelchair with no obstructions

•Encouragement. Peyton’s police themed room will be a constant reminder that his dream of becoming a Police Office can come true.