Harper and Hudson



Both have Autism, Harper is more severe and is non-verbal

daily challenges

•Twins tend to get overwhelmed easy

•They needed a space of their own that would support and help their autistic tendencies

design solutions

•Sensory Integration: provided a sensory board with interchangeable tiles and wall-mounted games/tasks that offer the twins a variety of ways to satisfy their sense of touch, sight, and hearing with colors, textures, and motor skill tasks.

•Ball pit with crash pads: allows their bodies to have contact from the balls covering them and then having the ability to hop out of the ball pit and land on the floor without injury.

•Quiet Space: created a calming room that immediately lowers  blood pressure via low lighting, soft music, fairy lights, and a tent where they can snuggle up together, or alone

•Art space: gives Hudson a designated place to be creative



Minimize Environmental Stress: the playroom gives them a place to detach from things that cause them to feel overwhelmed

Energy Exertion: the open areas of the playroom offer Harper ample space for big movements, like jumping on her small trampoline and playing with balls