How does KDM Select a Child?  

There are 2 components of our child selection process:                                

Referrals – This is how we find the children. These referrals typically come in 3 ways:                                            

  • As a result of speaking engagements at civic org’s, churches, or businesses.
  • From someone that has been exposed to KDM at one of our fundraising events or volunteered in a room makeover
  • Someone who knows a family with a child that fits our criteria; families typically do not refer themselves, someone makes a referral on their behalf.  

Need – We donate these rooms to the family at no charge, so we must consider the family’s existing needs. This criteria considers:

  • The socio-economic limits of the child’s family; we target those who could otherwise not afford it
  • Availability of KDM funds to do the room
  • Medical prognosis of the child’s mental, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • Physical limitations from an illness, disability, or accident.                                                                                                     

How long does it take to complete a room ?  

Most of the rooms are completed in about 7-10 days. We try to do this consecutively to avoid prolonging the inconvenience and disruption to the family’s schedule. Sometimes this isn't possible due to the child’s physical condition, stringent schedule, hospital stays, etc. In these special circumstances KDM remains as flexible as possible to best accommodate the family’s needs and comfort level.

Do the families pay for the rooms?

No. These rooms are provided as a gift of Love to the child’s family at no charge.

Where does KDM receive funding for the Makeovers ? 

Our revenue currently comes from 3 sources: 

  •  Donations – individual and corporate
  •  Fundraising – we have fundraising events throughout the year that generates the majority of our funding.
  •  Partnerships – we partner with organizations, such churches, to conduct joint fundraising events where KDM receives all, or a percentage, of the proceeds.  

At this time we do not receive state or federal funding.

Do I have to be creative to volunteer on a makeover ?

Absolutely not. Volunteers are needed for countless opportunities outside construction and design implementation. The following are some additional ways to help:

  • Runner - always need people to pick up materials, run daily errands 
  • Feed Volunteers - prepare lunch or dinner for other volunteers and deliver to job site
  • Pray - we like to have people on-site who continually rays over our efforts; this is often elderly or folks with health issues who still want to be a part of the project and this is as important as hammer & nails!
  • Volunteers Coordinator - need someone to help coordinate volunteers days, times. If you are a strong organizer and communicator, this is a great opportunity for you to be involved on a project.
  • In-Kind Donation Acquisition we need feet on the ground to secure donations from area businesses, contractors, architects, etc. for the project. 
  • Fundraising - This is always our biggest challenge; if you enjoy event planning and helping secure donations, prizes, giveaways, etc. this social outlet could be for you.
  • Social Media - We need a consistent presence on Facebook, twitter, and linked-in. If you are tech savvy this could be a tremendous service to us.
  • Schedule Us - Word of mouth is our greatest advertisement. We are continually looking for opportunities to speak at civic organizations, churches, mission groups, company staff meetings, etc. If you would like to schedule us to speak to a group with whom you are familiar, please contact us to schedule.