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Cerebral Palsy, non-verbal, feeding tube

daily challenges

•Cheyenne lives with her grandparents and they cannot lift her

•Could not get her wheelchair into the bathroom, so she is not able to have a proper bathing experience

•All three slept in the same room, but Grandpa slept on a hand me down hospital bed because it is all they had

•Lack of adequate Closet space

•Bedroom had a very narrow travel path for her wheelchair

design solutions

•New ADA walk-in shower: provided a way for Cheyenne to get through the bathroom door and a curbless shower

•Mesh Shower Chair: Allows them to wheel her into the shower, while she remains in her chair

•Ceiling Track Lift System: Built-in bookcases with storage cubbies and TV with surround sound, so she can listen to her favorite music

•New Closet: added an additional closet for storage of Cheyenne’s medical supplies and disposables

•Gave Grandpa a new bed of his own


Security: We gave the Grandparents a way to transfer and care for Cheyenne, for the rest of her life

Personal Hygiene: enables Grandparents an easy solution for bathing her

Happiness: she can listen to her favorite music (Elvis) and watch her favorite movies anytime