Severe Pancreatitis: Anna was diagnosed at 6 years old, and spent the next 10 years living in and out of a specialist hospital in Louisville, KY.  hospital for surgery after surgery. The chronic, severe pain was part of her life for so long that she eventually had to leave her school to be home-schooled. In 2016, Anna had her Pancreas, gallbladder, liver, and other organs removed and it has greatly reduced the chance that she will acquire cancer. In 2017 she was able to return to school as her pain had diminished to a more tolerable level.

daily challenges

•Living with chronic pain

•Depression & loneliness as she was isolated from her friends for long periods of time.

design solutions

•Anna loved Fashion so we gave her a very sleek fashion forward Vogue space, with her favorite colors purple, silver and black.

•Barn door: maximized floor space, with a local artist’s hand painted fashion model on it

•Closets: We built two wing walls that created a small closet on each side of Anna’s bed; this created a cozy nook for her bed with cool lighting above

•Makeup Vanity: we removed the door and created a very unique, glam makeup station in her old closet.


Focus on Her Future: Throughout the journey of her illness, Anna discovered what she wants to be a nurse and help children with the same condition she had. The world renowned surgeons at her hospital in Louisville have already given her an open-ended opportunity to come there to work when she completes her schooling. KDM wanted to give Anna a new bedroom that would continue to lift her spirits while giving her a place to study and focus on her nursing career.

Encouragement: This new fashion forward room also gave her  the ability to do things she had missed out on her whole childhood – being bale to have friends over  to hang out and for sleepovers.