daily challenges

•Missed his friends-missed school after diagnosis and while going through intense and extensive chemotherapy treatments

•Very small home, little to no storage

•Bedroom dimly lit

•Storage: There was no closet in Alex’s small bedroom and no room  to build one

design solutions

•Bunk beds: so he could have friends for sleepovers

•Cubbies Galore: we used modern white cubbies to complete the task of storing his clothes, toys, games, and school supplies.

•Lighting: added overhead lighting plus a very hi tech, futuristic round light over his nightstand that would open up and close – this was one of his favorites.


Fuel His Passion to Follow His Dream: Alex wants to be a Robotics engineer when he grows up. Through this room we wanted to surround him with things that would reinforce his dream and encourage him to continue to design and build his amazing robots, motors, and buildings.

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