Addie was a Micro Preemie, weighing just 15 oz at birth. She was exposed to drugs in the womb and diagnosed as Failure to Thrive at 25 weeks in utero. She was put into foster care as a toddler with her current family before they adopted her. She has a feeding tube, and she is still in diapers.

 daily challenges

•Addie is extremely active with a very short attention span

•She has autistic tendencies, but Autism is not a formal diagnosis

•She has a sensory processing disorder and craves Visual, Motor and Tactile Sensory Input.

•No Impulse Control she Cannot effectively determine if something is safe or not.

•She is a Runner. She quickly darts out and can get away from her parents extremely fast. 

design solutions

•Sensory Satisfaction. Designer created a Sensory Playroom inside her new bedroom so she will have constant input in a multitude of ways.

•Provided a swing mount with option to switch out three types of swings.

•Safety. Had to ensure play items such as picnic tables, artwork, bookshelves were secured and installed to keep her safe.

•Dutch Door installed so Addie can play safely inside her room without the parents fear of her running out the front door.


Independence. Addie can now play in her room by herself without constant supervision. There are many things she can now do on her own.

Brain Development & Thriving. We want her to thrive, even though it goes against her original diagnosis, she has shown great progress and will continue to advance as her brain and body grow while she plays and learns with many new games, toys, and activities in her new room.