OUR MISSION:  to create dream room makeovers for children who have experienced devastation in their young lives. through these rooms we are restoring hope in families and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. to him we give all the glory.

OUR GOAL: our focus is to increase the quality of life for these children and their families with the following emphasis:

  • Health & Wellness: We offer furnishings that contribute to improving a child's health and over-all well being whenever possible. A therapeutic bathtub with jets can stimulate muscle activity to help strengthen muscles and possibly contribute to a child being able to walk someday.

  • Independence :  Something as simple as a sink can offer independence and confidence to a child who has never been able to wash his own hands because he couldn't  get to the sink in his wheelchair. With a new ADA accessible sink, he can now wash, rinse and dry his hands all by himself. A specialty bathtub with easy to open access door offers a child the ability to be able to get in and out of the bath tub on his own. He can now get out of his wheelchair, drop to his knees, open the bathtub door and crawl inside. It gives him confidence that he can now do this on his own without any help from mom or dad.
  • Life Safety:
      • Providing ADA handicap accessibility 
      • Reduce likelihood of injuries to care-givers who often have to lift the child
  • Function
      • Rooms must be function efficiently, including proper size and type of storage for medical staff when required.
      • Rooms need to be free from physical barriers and obstructions to allow for wheelchair, walker, crutches, and medical equipment access and mobility.
      • Rooms need to be easily adaptable for the child.
  • Environmental /Recycling: item in every makeover we take one item that is old, discarded and we make it new again. We keep it out of the dump. We give the item a new life, new purpose. Renew something that appears to be waste, trash, beaten up, or junk. It’s a reminder to the child and their family that God does the same in our lives.
  • Sustainability: Sustainable design focuses on reducing the impact on the environment while providing opportunities for others (the family and our volunteers) to learn about environmental issues and sustainable design practices. We try to focus on manufacturers and products that have recycled content, are vertically integrated, and have low-to-no off gassing, low-emitting odors, and recyclingIn every room we have taken at least one item that was old, worn out, beat up, unattractive, and    exceeded its expected life, in other words – it was way out of style ! We divert these “junky” items from the landfill and refinish them to make them new, beautiful, and useful again. After all, this is what God does with us. 
  •    Technology: can enhance the education level for these children. Many cannot go to public school and must be home-schooled. Many need special computers, screens, input devises, etc. that the family cannot afford.  Through KDM we can provide technology that can help them grow mentally and emotionally. Knowledge gives a child independence and confidence.
  • Color Theory: The use of color is strongly tied to emotion and can invoke a variety of human responses. Certain colors are stimulating, others are calming. The correct use of color is imperative to help achieve goals for both the child and the parents. It affects learning, coping, helps in identifying relationships, increase verbal and non-verbal skills, self-reliance, eating habits, general outlook on life, etc.
  • Sensory Experiences/Integration: often follows health and wellness standards in cases of asthma, allergies, hearing impaired, etc. The enhancement of sensory experiences for the child can be achieved through use of texture, color, light, sound, smell – things that have positive affects on the 5 senses. For example, depending on the physical or mental challenge, some children do not respond well to textures that were hard and cold, so we implement lots of soft, warm textures. Some do not respond well to bright, loud colors. They may cause irritability and uneasiness, even to the point of  self-inflicted injuries such as hitting themselves or scratching their ears until they bleed.  
  • Spiritually: Our deepest desire is to have these rooms leave a lasting impression of God that will surround this child long after we are gone. We want to continually point them to Christ by showering the their spaces with scripture verses, books, music, and prayer. KDM is more than just creating pretty rooms. The makeover is simply the platform God has given us to be able to go into homes and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. These children need to know that the things this world values are not the things God values. The things this world sees is not what God sees. And even though in this world they may feel worthless, alienated, ridiculed, but in God’s eyes they are beautiful !


Jimmy’s mom summed this up beautifully the first time I ever met her, she explained Jimmy doesn't have anything that our world values. He’s not beautiful, he’s not rich, he’s not smart, he’s not an athlete. He’s just a little boy with Cerebral Palsy and the world doesn't understand that –they see no value in him. “  I was exuberant to be the deliverer of good news that regardless of what this world thinks of Jimmy, God made him special and God doesn't make mistakes. 

Most of all, if anyone in the family has never accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior, we pray that this ministry will open the door to that opportunity. Our job is to be obedient to the call God has placed on our lives...then, leave the results up to Him! "all things are possible to him that believes" Mark 9:23

In Christ,                                                                                                                                                   Missy Johnson, Executive Director